David Nancy Boys Besuch an WS 2023 1We were delighted to have the opportunity to visit with the students of Mrs Fink’s 7A class on December 22, the last day before the holiday break.  It was a chance for the two of us to meet with young people of the area and answer any questions they had about life in the U.S.A., particularly at this festive time of the year.  We told a bit about the United States, noting on the map our part of the country, Des Moines, Iowa, in the north central U.S.  It was fun to compare the differences between our school systems, as generally in the U.S. we have K-12, David Nancy Boys Besuch an WS 2023 44 years of college (or 2 years of technical college) and then 3-4 years of professional training if that be the choice.  Sports are part of the schools rather than being outside club sports. And there are always great differences between American football and European football!  

The students had many good questions —in fact, we ran out of time to answer them all!  We ended with a “Merry Christmas “ song and candy cane treats! 

Thank you!

Nancy & David Boyd

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